10 Interesting Facts About Riyadh


Riyadh is one of the most famous destinations in the country, with amazing culture and tradition mixed with modern development. This blog covers ten amazing facts about Riyadh that everyone should know. 

Top 10 Facts About Riyadh 

Here are some of the popular facts about Riyadh that you should know: 

1. Riyadh is the country’s capital

Riyadh offers amazing lifestyles rich in culture. it is one of the most loved destinations when it comes to the Arabian Peninsula. It is also one of the largest cities in Saudi Arabia.

2. Riyadh is Rich in Diversity

Another interesting Fact about Riyadh is that it is home to people from different countries, and a lot of non-Saudis live here. The city welcomes everyone with love and peace. Hence, it makes it a famous destination among migrants. The population figure of the city is 7,538,200 (As of 2022), contributing to one-sixth of the nation’s population.

3. Riyadh Has the Oldest University, which Dates Back to 1957

Riyadh has one of the oldest universities in Saudi Arabia, known with the name of “King Saud University”. It is popular for its amazing education complex equipped with the King Salman Central Library, which comprises a range of books, manuscripts, publications, etc. It is a seven-floor building with a capacity to accommodate more than 4,000 students.

4. Riyadh is Known as Global City

Since it is the center point of the Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh is considered quite significant in terms of trade as it has great connectivity with global seaports and airports connecting to major international destinations. It is also a part of a major sea route for international trade connected east to west. 

5. Riyadh has Made a Great Contribution to the Overall Economy of Saudi Arabia

It is one of the lesser-known facts about Riyadh that Saudi Arabia has achieved great economic growth with significant contributions from Riyadh from both non-oil and oil-based business activities. It was stated in Saudi Arabia’s government report on the 2023 GDP. 

6.  Riyadh is Part of the Silk Route

It is quite interesting to note that Riyadh is a part of the Silk Route, which was an ancient trade route known for transporting essential goods like Gold, Wool, Silver, etc., during the ancient times. This also makes it a historical destination. 

7. Riyadh Refers to a Unique Name Derived from the Meaning of “Garden.”

It is one of the amazing facts about Riyadh that the name itself stands for literal meaning derived from Garden. It is considered to be named after a small oasis scattered around a large area 500 years ago, but the former is true. 

8. Riyadh has a Historical Cave

Another interesting facts about Riyadh is that it also has a popular cave with an underground lake situated in a village called Heet. It is one of the hidden spots that is worth visiting for history lovers.

9. Riyadh is a Place of Belief for Muslims

Riyadh has one of the famous Mosque called Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, making it a popular spot of Belief for Muslims.

10. Riyadh has an Ancient Name

The civilisation of Riyadh is quite old, and it was known as “Hajr” earlier during the third century AD.